Finding Somewhere Safe for Your Cat or Dog to Stay

Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

  • Three tips to help you get the best send off for your equine friend

    There is nothing that is more challenging than having to say goodbye to a companion as close as your horse. When your equine friend passes away, you may experience a hard time saying farewell, and during this turmoil, you will need someone who can organise a decent send-off. While there are many people who offer cremation services, you cannot be assured that most of them will handle the process with as much diligence as needed.

  • Not Just for Holidays: The Less Common Uses for Dog Boarding

    Dogs don't tend to do very well when they're left home alone for long periods – or, in many cases, even short periods. They're one of the most dependent animals around, and they can become highly destructive as well as anxious if you leave them to their own devices. Of course, most dog owners wouldn't dream of leaving their four-legged friends on their own for long, especially when they're away on holiday.

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Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

If you have a pet that you love with all of your heart, you will want to make sure that they are kept warm and well-fed while you are away from home. My name is Jan. My work for a large multi-national bank means that I often have to travel to other places for extended periods of time. I own a cat and a dog who are like children to me. When I was first told I would be sent away on business, my main concern was what would happen to my pets. Thankfully, I found a fantastic pet day care and boarding centre. The staff look after my pets like true professionals. I decided to start this blog so I could encourage others to put their pets into day care when they are away.