Finding Somewhere Safe for Your Cat or Dog to Stay

Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

Three tips to help you get the best send off for your equine friend

by Irene Moore

There is nothing that is more challenging than having to say goodbye to a companion as close as your horse. When your equine friend passes away, you may experience a hard time saying farewell, and during this turmoil, you will need someone who can organise a decent send-off. While there are many people who offer cremation services, you cannot be assured that most of them will handle the process with as much diligence as needed.

How the process is handled

As a horse owner, you will need to know that your horse was handled with complete dignity from the start of the process to the end. Therefore, you have to ask a few questions, with the most important being whether your horse will be amputated before the cremation. Opt for the service which offers cremation without amputation as this preserves he dignity of your animal friend. For this to be possible, the service provider must have invested in a horse crematorium.

Response time

You will need a crematorium which is able to handle your requests on short notice. Many of the service providers out there will claim that they cannot organise cremation on short notice, and insist on keeping you waiting for a number of days. Such delays complicate the process and create undue emotional strain. It is advisable to get a crematorium which has the capacity to handle cremations on short notice. Also, the service provider should be in a position to offer a smooth process regardless of the time they have to make it happen.

The additional services offered

The basic service which will be offered by a horse crematorium is the cremation services. However, a competent crematorium understands that you need to keep memories of your equine friend. They will offer products such as wooden chests where the ashes can be preserved after cremation, horse photo boxes with a photo of your favourite friend mounted on the side and other additions. These are what makes the process memorable, and help you achieve closure after your loss.

Other optional items that may be on offer include plaques and similar jewellery. A good horse cremation service should also cover a wide area such that they can reach you from as far out as possible. When the crematorium you that has been recommended to you meets this criteria, you will feel more comfortable letting them handle your horse's sendoff .


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Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

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