Finding Somewhere Safe for Your Cat or Dog to Stay

Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

Not Just for Holidays: The Less Common Uses for Dog Boarding

by Irene Moore

Dogs don't tend to do very well when they're left home alone for long periods – or, in many cases, even short periods. They're one of the most dependent animals around, and they can become highly destructive as well as anxious if you leave them to their own devices.

Of course, most dog owners wouldn't dream of leaving their four-legged friends on their own for long, especially when they're away on holiday. When there's no friend or family member in a position to look after the dog for you, that normally means finding a local boarder.

Holidays aren't the only time when dog boarding is useful, though. Take a look at some of these ideas for other occasions it could help you out.

Spring cleaning

Every now and then, a house needs a good top-to-bottom cleaning, getting everything fresh again and helping you to keep on top of tidiness. Whether you do it in spring or at some other time of the year, it's not easy to do thoroughly with a dog running around.

Getting your dog out of the house for a day or two gives you the space you need to clean properly, and also means you can wash all of those dog beds and other pet items.

Having guests to stay

Most people are fine being around dogs, but not all of them are. You might have someone coming to stay with you who is allergic to animal fur, or perhaps your dog doesn't get on well with small children and you have some visiting.

Whatever the reason behind it, if you have guests who can't be around dogs, boarding is your best option to make sure the house is safe for them.

Moving home

Having your dog stay somewhere else while you move house might just be the most sensible way you can use a boarding kennel.

You'll be able to complete your move in peace, and not have to worry about your dog being safe and entertained while you're busy.

Recovering from illness or treatment

Serious illnesses or surgery can put you off your feet for a while, but your dog isn't going to understand that. If there's nobody suitable to help you look after them, find a good boarding centre to take care of your dog while you take care of yourself.

When you have a new baby

After having a baby, it's important to give them plenty of attention and make sure the home is ready for their arrival and first few days. Sending your dog on a little holiday frees you up while your new family member settles in.


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Finding Somewhere Safe For Your Cat or Dog to Stay

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